Giant Pen Drawings at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle!


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  • Weathercraft is Reissued; Romance of the Pen at the Frye on January 11, 2017Posted by Jim Woodring Jim Woodring
    WEATHERCRAFT IS REISSUEDJust so you know, Weathercraft won the Stranger's 2010 Genius Award for Literature, even though the story contains not a single sentence. This beautiful new edition is larger, sweeter and more genteel than the tiny vibrating original. And what a story! That hasn't changed! Manhog's epic excursion is still some of the best food for thought ever sandwiched between bookcovers. Rich in detail, profound in implication, etc etc.Get it from Fantagraphics here.THE ROMANCE OF THE PEN AT THE FRYE IN 2017In …

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