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Jerry Chickens in Dilapidated Coop Pop-Up Plans; see Store for exciting details.


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  • POOCHYTOWN MILESTONE: THE BED OF UNREASON on January 30, 2017Posted by Jim Woodring Jim Woodring
    POOCHYTOWN MILESTONE:  THE  BED OF UNREASONThe frightening story-in-progress POOCHYTOWN recently attained an apogee of sorts. Unfortunately, since the contents of the story are unknown and as yet unknowable, the circumstances which have led to this situation must remain a secret. If this rankles, I sincerely apologize. It was felt that this image should be released as a prepatory landmark.PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.Housekeeping note: Madame W is horrified at the comment spam, hence we are switching to moderated comments, which y …

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