Book: Seeing Things

Book: Seeing Things

Published in 2005, Seeing Things is the first and so far the only collection of J.W.'s charcoal drawings and paintings.  These crisply rendered images reflect his life-long obsession with hidden worlds, alternate realities and the inexplicable resonance of the unprecedented and irrational in lucid art.

This book collects the most toothsome of these drawings and arranges them in four sections. "Lazy Robinson" is a series of portraits of forms taken by a cognizant object during the course of a specific and identifiable stream of thought. "Frogs" celebrates the tender proclivities of the most noble of all animals. "The Visible World" is a roundup of appalling scenes of sub-rational political activity. And "The Portfolio in Color" appears like a rainbow at the end of all this exalted storminess to send readers out into the world whistling with delight. Each section is preceded by a demiautobiographical essay. As with the previous hardcover edition, the grimmest drawings have been left out of this collection.

104-page B&W and color 8 1/2" x 11". Our price, signed and with original pen-and-ink drawing of THE FROG on the inside cover (as shown,) $60. We only have a few boxes of these left and there are no plans to reprint.

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