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Welcome to Jimland Novelties, your one-stop shopping outlet for deluxe versions of Jim Woodring’s books, prints, posters and toys. By “deluxe” we mean signed and drawn-in. That’s right! There’s no need to stand in line at tedious comic book conventions or in-store events to get one-of-a-kind signatures and images in your J.W. artifacts.

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PROBLEMATIC DeLUXE (December 2012)

If you are one of the fortunate thousands who enjoy untangling the enigmatic images that fill Jim Woodring’s comics and drawings, PROBLEMATIC is just the book for you to put under your pillow and dream on.

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PROBLEMATIC is a 360-page collection of drawings from the pocket-sized Moleskine sketchbook Woodring has filled at least one per month since 2004. Quick concept sketches, figure studies, self-challenges, finished drawings, revenge portraits and caricatures, scene tryouts… everything goes into these idea batteries. Problematic provides the adventurous viewer with a bounty of unfiltered, hand-captured glimpses of life by an artist that Publishers Weekly called, “a modern master of hallucinatory cartoon fables.” Lots of this material re-emerges in the form of pictures and storylines, but much of it is just too baffling to be harnessed for any practical use. Of course, these untamable notions are the best and most interesting ones; and there are plenty of them here in the 300-page brick of Problematic. Problematic is a rollicking amalgam of reportage (i.e. the man who blew his arm off), speculative anatomy, fancy women, make-a-face games, picture-puzzles, gags, riffs and burlesques. Catalog and exhibition simultaneously, Problematic is your best bet for a brief, energizing stroll in a distinctively enjoyable neighborhood.

PROBLEMATIC retails for $28.95. You can buy a copy from for $18.44 or you can buy a copy from me for $100; the difference being that I will draw for you an original sketch on the blank last page of the book. The example shown is not the sketch you will get.

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FRAN is without a doubt the most complex and bizarre Frank story ever told, and that’s saying something. This sequel (and, in a spirological way, prequel) to 2011’s CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS is a must for anyone who wants to understand the significance of Fran’s sudden appearance in the Unifactor. Could you guess? I bet not!For a bigger view of the image look at

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From the January 6 2013 ROBOT 6 interview with Jim Woodring: “When the idea of bringing Fran into Frank’s life occurred to me I thought it was a great notion and watched complacently as the story of Congress of the Animals unfolded. Then I realized her being there changed everything because Frank’s primary relationship had been with the Unifactor, which was always calling him to come and find out something. With the acquisition of a mate, Frank would either lose his wanderlust or go on adventures with her. Both possibilities seemed to spell death to the driving force of the whole enterprise. As things worked out, that’s not the case but the road away from that undesirable result is somewhat brutal.”

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The Frank Book (hardcover)

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The Frank Book is the cornerstone of the Frank reading experience, containing as it does all the Frank stories from their inception in 1992 through the early aughts. This mighty tome is hardbound in purple cloth with a glossy dust jacket, star-map endpapers and ribbon bookmark and contains 350 pages in sizzling color and vibrating black and white.

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In addition to the stories there are lots of other enticements such as reproductions of the long-gone Frank card set, miscellaneous drawings, and an introduction by – wait for it- Francis Ford Coppola! Sure, you can pay $45 for it in any halfway-decent book store or you can splurge here and get a copy with an original pen and ink drawing as shown in the inset. It won’t be this drawing, of course, and it might not be Frank… but whatever it is it will be nice.
The Frank Book is 11.5: x 9″ and an inch thick. It weighs over three pounds! It comes carefully packaged to keep corners un-bumped.

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The Frank Book (softcover)

Newly-released softcover of the old standby with new front and back covers. Same contents as the hardcover edition minus full endpapers and ribbon bookmark. Retail price $35; copies bought here include original signed pen and ink drawing on the flyleaf similar in size and quality to one depicted, though not necessarily of Pupshaw and Pushpaw.

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Book: Weathercraft

Weathercraft is Jim Woodring’s first full-length graphic novel. It won The Stranger‘s 2010 Genius Award for literature and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2011. Dense, intense and loaded with strange, meaningful fun, Weathercraft is a book to savor over and over, at different ages and in different circumstances, until the last obscuring reverberation dies out and its secrets are part of your personal reality.

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In 1992 Woodring released the wordless cartoon fable Frank in the River, introducing adventurous readers to the gormless anthropomorph Frank, his creepy nemesis Manhog and the power-mad world of The Unifactor. Frank in the River won several industry awards and was hailed as an instant classic.

Since then Woodring has drawn hundreds of pages of Frank adventures, each story bringing new characters and circumstances into this ever-expanding realm of wonders. During this time Frank has been celebrated in animated films, musical compositions, toys and figurines, tattoos, furniture, videos and clothing.

And yet it is only now that Woodring has released the first bona fide Frank graphic novel, Weathercraft, a single hundred-page story that takes readers more deeply into the labyrinthine depths of the Unifactor than any previous outing.

In Weathercraft Manhog takes center stage as he experiences extremes of agony and exaltation brought into being by the occult machinations of two grotesque crones who twist and rip the fabric of reality with their ritual manipulations.

Weathercraft is a beautifully-made book, printed on thick tinted paper and bound in durable green library cloth with a handsome dust-jacket bursting with useful information about the characters and the story. There is even a FAQ section!

Published by Fantagraphics Books. 104 pages, 9.75″ x 7.34″, hardbound with dust jacket and color endpapers. We are offering this book with an original one-of-a-kind pen-and-ink drawing of Manhog and signature by Jim Woodring on the flyleaf.

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Book: Congress of the Animals

Readers of the FRANK stories know that The Unifactor is in control of everything that happens to the characters that abide there, and that however extreme the experiences they undergo may be, in the end nothing really changes. That goes treble for Frank himself, who is kept in a state of total ineducability by the unseen forces of that haunted realm. And so the question arises: what would happen if Frank were to leave The Unifactor?

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That question is answered in Congress of the Animals, Jim Woodring’s much-anticipated second full-length graphic novel. In this gripping, satisfying saga an act of casual rudeness sets into motion a chain of events which propels Frank into a world where he is on his own at last; and like so many who leave home, Frank finds himself contending with realities of which he had no previous inkling.

In Congress of the Animals we are treated to the pitiful spectacle of Frank losing his house, taking a factory job, falling in with bad company, fleeing the results of sabotage, escaping the Unifactor in an amusement park ride, surviving a catastrophe at sea, traveling across hostile terrain toward a massive temple seemingly built in his image, being treated roughly by gut-faced men and intervening in an age-old battle in a meadow slathered in black and yellow blood. And when he finally knocks on opportunity’s door he finds… he finds…

Suffice to say he finds what most of us would like to find. Can he bring it back with him? Will the Unifactor accept him as he has become? Are his sins forgiven? Is love real? Is this the end of Frank as we know him?

Published by Fantagraphics Books. 100 pages, tinted paper, hardcover with dust jacket. We are offering this book with an original one-of-a-kind pen-and-ink drawing of a character from the story by Jim Woodring on the red flyleaf (a typical example is shown with the cover here). This edition is uniform with Weathercraft.

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Book: Seeing Things

Published in 2005, Seeing Things is the first and so far the only collection of J.W.’s charcoal drawings and paintings.  These crisply rendered images reflect his life-long obsession with hidden worlds, alternate realities and the inexplicable resonance of the unprecedented and irrational in lucid art.

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This book collects the most toothsome of these drawings and arranges them in four sections. “Lazy Robinson” is a series of portraits of forms taken by a cognizant object during the course of a specific and identifiable stream of thought. “Frogs” celebrates the tender proclivities of the most noble of all animals. “The Visible World” is a roundup of appalling scenes of sub-rational political activity. And “The Portfolio in Color” appears like a rainbow at the end of all this exalted storminess to send readers out into the world whistling with delight. Each section is preceded by a demiautobiographical essay. As with the previous hardcover edition, the grimmest drawings have been left out of this collection.

104-page B&W and color 8 1/2″ x 11″. Our price, signed and with original pen-and-ink drawing of THE FROG on the inside cover (as shown,) $60. We only have a few boxes of these left and there are no plans to reprint.

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Book: The Museum of Love & Mystery

THE MUSEUM OF LOVE AND MYSTERY, published by Presspop, is a souvenir picture album from Frank’s strange vacation in the hinterlands of The Unifactor. The book proper is a tidy brick (6″x9″x.5″) of well-modulated chroma; 12 gorgeously colored pen-and-ink drawings. Signed by Jim in gold ink.

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Book: The Portable Frank

“Frank, and I say this without a shred of hyperbole, is a work of true genius by one of the all-time greats.”

The Portable Frank is the perfect introduction to Jim Woodring’s wildly inventive FRANK comics. Told almost entirely without words, the Frank stories can be enjoyed over and over as layers of meaning unfold with each perusal.

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New readers will thrill to the transcendental pastimes of Frank, his scrappy demigodling companion Pupshaw and the craven Manhog as they scamper and scream through the living landscape of the Unifactor.

THE PORTABLE FRANK contains 190 pages of black-and-white stories including GENTLEMANHOG, FRANK’S HIGH HORSE, BLISS and ten other tales carefully selected from the pages of the massive collection THE FRANK BOOK.

The book is a truly portable 6.25″ x 9″ paperback, with new cover art and interior drawings, and includes an introduction by underground comic legend Justin Green (BINKY BROWN MEETS THE HOLY VIRGIN MARY.)

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