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Welcome to Jimland Novelties, your one-stop shopping outlet for deluxe versions of Jim Woodring’s books, prints, posters and toys. By “deluxe” we mean signed and drawn-in. That’s right! There’s no need to stand in line at tedious comic book conventions or in-store events to get one-of-a-kind signatures and images in your J.W. artifacts.

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Book: Trosper

Heavenly little hardbound book with scary-good 18 page “Trosper” story from Frank #3 AND a specially composed 6:43 musical track on CD by guitar genius Bill Frisell! Talismanic! This book retails for $14.95 but we are selling it for $40 because when you buy it from us it comes signed and with a little original drawing of Trosper on the flyleaf.

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The disk included with the book was composed and performed especially for it by Frisell. It’s ambient, moody, sparkling and spooky, and follows the three-part structure of the story.

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