Print: Jesus and the Bear

Print:  Jesus and the Bear

The youthful Savior has gone into the Anti-Lebanon Mountains with his Essene scrolls, waterskin, basket of provisions and kundalini rising. Unbeknownst to him his favorite meditation spot has been inhabited by an Asian Black Bear and her cubs. The she-bear attacks and there is a battle royale with Jesus getting the worst of it until He brings the fight to an abrupt end by inducing in the bear a state of superconsciousness. We see them here, master and disciple, in a state of shared spiritual ecstasy.

This painting is intended to be neither a joke nor sacrilegious. It is a sincere expression of the painter's faith in God and appreciation of genuine holy men.

Signed, 11" x 15.75", sturdy, glossy, paper. Carefully packed in a tube.

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