The Holy Land print (open edition)

The Holy Land print (open edition)

This charcoal drawing, done for the in-progress Case Against Art, depicts with delicious, nightmarish clarity the plight of poor old Manhog who finds himself the prisoner of malevolent entities in a closed museum. His faith in the power of art to liberate him from impending disaster is just so touching! A mere glimpse of this picture in the morning will set you up up for the rest of the day.

Large-scale prints of this potent and long-lasting image were formerly available only in a limited edition. This open edition is slightly smaller (21" x 16" rather than 22" 16.75") and unnumbered. Print quality is actually slightly better thanks to ever-evolving technology. Titled and signed in pencil by Jim Woodring. It is shipped in a very heavy 6" diameter cardboard tube.

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